Church meeting in Jinan

There was a church quite near to the university (two bus stops away) that we visited in Jinan. We had arrived in Jinan on a Sunday, and the following Sunday is when we attended it. I had asked a number of our friends in Jinan and people I met there. I thought this was a neat way for them to consider to go. One friend in Jinan has a grandmother who is a believer. She usually takes the bus to go there. She offered for us to go with her.

Unlike in Penglai, our parents did not go with us on this visit to the church in Jinan. Because of that, we left Enoch at home with them. He’s the harder of our [presently] two sons to manage since he’s the younger one. Wenlu drove our parents’ car, bringing Elijah and I with her. One of the seats was taken by the mentioned grandmother. The other open seat was taken by a student I had met a day or two before. To my surprise, he brought a friend with him, who had curiosity to attend.

When I saw him with a friend, I asked, “If your friend would like to come too, one of you will need to sit in the other’s lap.” When we got to the car, they understood what I meant by the word “lap.” They didn’t seem uncomfortable going there, and it was a short trip. Going back though, the grandmother wanted to take a bus. So, the two guy students were able to each have his own seat on the way back.

The church group there is quite large! The grandmother told us, the attendance is normally 200-300 people. There was a separate room that looked like for people who come late; it had a screen and speaker setup to show who was speaking/leading the church group. They wanted us to sit in that room since we had Elijah with us. The teaching/preaching was quite long!

There was a communion time; this is probably what I missed experiencing the most while in China. Sometimes, I would eat bread or eat grapes and think about Jesus’ body/blood and how I’m living in response to God’s sacrifice of His Son. I want to do this more often and not restrict myself to when communion is happening/available for me.