Food combinations to avoid

Through being married into a Chinese family, in addition to learning to eat more fresh food, I’ve learned that there are some foods that should not be combined. Even if foods taste good together, it does not mean that they are healthy together.

As we know, many people have ulcers or severe acidity in the stomach and discount it to be caused by work stress or family problems. Could it be the rich variety of diet that’s now more possible?

Now, this collection may not be true, but I’m not one to test them to see. I do not recommend that you test them either, but this list is shared with you in hopes that you (and the people you pass this knowledge onto) will have a healthy life!

  1. You may get a stomach ache if you eat a combination of pork and water chestnuts. Also, the ingesting of pork when it’s been cooked with ginger is said to promote body illness if your immune system is not strong, such as digestive issues.
  2. Not to be confused with water chestnuts, but chestnuts with beef is said to be a combination that can cause vomiting.
  3. Celery is an awesome food, but supposedly if it’s combined with the consumption of rabbit’s meat, then it may cause hair loss. Also, combining celery with chicken is said to decrease a person’s stamina or strength.
  4. Another combination that may decrease a person’s stamina or strength is having watermelon and lamb meat in the same meal.
  5. If you eat eggs (chicken’s) with goose meat, it may also cause a person’s stamina or strength to be lowered. But, if you were to eat those eggs with saccharin, it could be potentially fatal, as this is supposedly a poisonous combo. Also, if the eggs are preserved and consumed with brown sugar, then that it also understood to be poisonous.
  6. Another poisonous combination is turtle meat and amaranth (a nutritional herb). And, another is carp and licorice root (not the candy).
  7. Some things to look out for with persimmon are combining it with crab could cause diarrhea, combining it with white drinking wine could cause chest pains, and combining it with sweet potatoes could cause lithiasis — the formation of stones in the body, most often in the gallbladder or urinary system.
  8. Honey is sweet, but the result is not if combined with onions, which may cause your vision to worsen. Expect your hearing to weaken if you consume it with bean curd.
  9. Bananas are nice sweet alternative to honey, but combining them with taro may lead to a bloated belly area. And, if you eat them with potatoes, you might have some unexpected dark spots to come to your face, which makes me think of aged spots and freckles.
  10. Another skin issue, dermatitis, is to be expected if you consume radish with fungi. There are many fungi/fermented items, to name a few examples: cheese, bread, chocolate, coffee, tea, pickles, olives, salami, and soy sauce.
  11. Peanuts and cucumbers make for good snacks, but it is said to be harmful for the body to combine them. It is said to not be good for kidneys. Also, diarrhea may occur after eating this combination.