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Is homeschooling a topic of education or evangelism

One reason parents have said that they  choose to bring their children into the public school system is so that their faith can be a witness and influence among their peers in the public education world.

Homeschooling is a topic of education, obviously when we look at the word itself. If you decide to be the main educator for your child, then you can be more focused at discipling your child. Think about this in the way that Jesus educated people’s adult minds as well as the people’s low-educated spirits.

Through homeschooling, you can focus on giving your child an education that that seeks to point them toward Christ, acknowledges Christ as Lord, and seeks to form in them truths that bring glory, honor, and worship to Christ.

When you think about your children evangelizing among the challenges that are faced in a public education setting, it sounds like a sure way to gain experience. Think about this in the way that Jesus sent His disciples out only a few times, and He was waiting to discuss how the experience went to grow them.

Unfortunately what we see in society today is many parents taking a hands-off approach, because it feels easier. Also, we know the struggle is real for parents to begin and keep healthy, lasting conversations with their children.

In summary, think about why you’re doing what you are with your child’s education and give your children the most time with who you would like to be discipling your children.