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Teaching To Value Time & Money

Give the kids a viewing of the reasoning behind decisions that we commonly make. It is good for them to learn the concept of cost. Here are some examples:

  • You want the family to get frozen yogurt tonight? That means we can’t go out to eat with our friends after church next week. Make a choice.
  • You want me to drive you to your friend’s house across town, which costs $15 in gas and two hours of my time? How can you help me get my work done so that I have the time available to do that.
  • You lost your math/piano/science book? That’s the equivalent of the cost of a family meal at home. Better break out the piggy bank.
  • You want to take a family trip to Disneyland? That is outside our normal family budget. Are you prepared to drop all extracurricular activities for a year to help pay for it?

Showing the Big Picture of Life

life direction

We know how difficult it can be to communicate the what/why/how of something — even more with children. Here are some helpful examples of how to show the big picture of how this life operates that we’re living:

  • Mommy is so thankful to God for you, even when you have a stinky diaper.
  • Sweetheart, the sun is so warm and bright, God made it that way for us.
  • I know you are hungry, I am so thankful that God will take care us and give us the food we need.
  • Look at that turtle with its hard shell! God makes each of his creatures special.
  • I know it is raining and we can’t go outside. But remember, it is God who sends the rain so that we can live.
  • Mommy is praying right now that God will make you feel better.
  • Wow, that was fun. It is so neat that God made us so that we can have fun together.
  • Look at al the pretty colors. God is so special!
  • That was close! Thank you God for taking care of us.