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Safe arrival in Jinan

I’m so glad that 4 hour commute is over. I think I felt the most comfortable in the car whenever Enoch/Eli would whine, because the crying would take my attention off our car’s activity in the traffic {post to come later about traffic in China}. We spent a good amount of time singing worship songs in English, but it only took away a small fraction of the commute time.

After arriving at the Jinan University, I told Wenlu that in some way it feels like we’re just starting our time away from home, since this home in Jinan is where we’ve spent all of our previous trips to China. I haven’t heard back from the friends I asked about a church here. I’ll update you all later; I’m wishing we’ll find one by Sunday.

Prayer requests:
1. Please pray we’re able to locate a church here in Jinan.
2. We’ll be meeting some old friends here; we need God to guide us in all of these reuniting conversations.
3. We will be living with our parents in the same house here. So, there will be more challenges than we faced in Penglai, as we had a separate place to spend the mornings/nights there.

Visit to Pingdu

I think our visit to Pingdu went well, aside from having to bear the travel {post on car travel [in China] coming later}. We had left Penglai on Saturday morning as planned. After a 2 hour drive, we arrived in Pingdu.

Pingdu has a village feel to it for me. Traveling out to our grandparents’ house, I jokingly told Eli, “look, we’re in a jungle”. The car was driven on a path I didn’t think someone could/would take a car — I was impressed with the off-road driving.

After arriving, we additionally greeted our aunt and uncle who had also came there to meet us; they also live in Pingdu. Then, we had lunch together. The house and everything has a rural setup. Eli enjoyed pumping water at the well that’s in the front yard. It also felt special to sit on the small Chinese stools to have a meal together and talk.

That evening, Wenlu had a good outreach talk to our grandmother. There wasn’t much I could do beyond informing Wenlu when I saw an opportunity and praying at every step. I believe God blessed us richly in this conversation — further details to come when we meet you all in person later.

Thanks for any prayers on our behalf. After spending the night there, we had breakfast together. Wenlu also had a fine conversation with our grandfather the next morning. We left Pingdu after talking and taking some pictures together to head on a 4 hour commute to Jinan, Wenlu’s hometown.