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Long flight

Some had asked, how long is the flight? The flight from Detroit to Beijing is 13 hours and 50 minutes is what I notice online now. However, coming back from Beijing to Seattle is only 11 hours and 20 minutes. The shorter flight might be worth the additional leg (Seattle->Atlanta->Memphis) — maybe someday, I’ll see a Seattle<->Memphis option :).

Our van is loaded, and we’re heading to my cousin’s house this (Tuesday) evening. He lives in Southaven and has welcomed us to stay overnight to make the trip to the airport and back easier. Being able to leave out van at his house and not need to ask anyone for a ride from Oxford is nice. So, we’re really happy that our cousin has welcomed us on helping us with this part of our trip.

Flight Itinerary

Feeling nervous and excited — leaving soon! The below is our itinerary with Delta Airlines.

MEM (memphis) to DTW (detroit),
DEPART:  8:32 AM 9/10/2014  ARRIVE:  11:30 AM 9/10/2014

DTW (detroit) to PEK  (beijing) 9/10/2014,
DEPART:  12:50 PM 9/10/2014  ARRIVE:   2:40 PM 9/11/2014


PEK  (beijing) > SEA (seattle)
DEPART: 11:20 AM 10/14/2014   ARRIVE: 7:39 AM 10/14/2014

SEA (seattle) to ATL (atlanta)
DEPART: 9:51 AM 10/14/2014    ARRIVE:  5:31 PM 10/14/2014

ATL (atlanta) to MEM (memphis)
DEPART:  6:58 PM 10/14/2014    ARRIVE:  7:20 PM 10/14/2014 (to see flight’s progress)